[A3] Digital Artefact assignment

We started this project because we all shared some level of interest towards the vintage lifestyle. We first introduced ourselves on Instagram to reach people who may have been curious about vintage fashion or those who embody it.  Our target audience were people from Hong Kong as it is the city we’re from and weContinue reading “[A3] Digital Artefact assignment”

Project Beta: Vintage Core

We created posts to not only create and share content using other stores as inspirations but also introduce vintage fashion to people who may want to get into the scene. Terms relating to vintage fashion were explained as well as vintage facts to keep our followers engaged. This way we can integrate people who areContinue reading “Project Beta: Vintage Core”


Our group will be creating an Instagram page to help users find vintage clothing and items. We will become the middleman between stores and customers. The hard to find stores with vintage products can get more customers this way. And the consumers can get the products they desire. We will also talk about certain productsContinue reading “VintageCore”