Digital Artefact: Virtual reality (final)

Responding to feedback: I received some comments on my blogs which were open to the public. They were interested in the tech mind-control system of Virtual Reality(VR). I was also given more resources to read about from my classmates. Virtual reality could be a microscope for the mind, and an electronic tool for expanding humanContinue reading “Digital Artefact: Virtual reality (final)”

BCM 325 Blog Post 2

Metropolis: Here, I found an interesting fact. I didn’t know the currency in East Germany was called Reichsmarks. A crazy fact about Metropolis was that it took one year and 5 months to film JUST THE SHOOTING. That is crazy! The world of Metropolis really resembles New York. The reason for that being, the directorContinue reading “BCM 325 Blog Post 2”

The future of VR gaming

There are a multitude of games available in the market. But I want to talk about an idea that may end up becoming the go-to way of experiencing gaming within the next 10 years. Virtual reality (VR) gaming. Imagine coming home after a long day of work. You take off your shoes, let your feetContinue reading “The future of VR gaming”


People thought the world would be even smaller with future advancements with the telegraph. People in the past thought the fast exchange of information would eradicate dissent for other nations and achieve world peace through its involvement in business and politics. People thought the telegraph would cause the newspaper industry to vanish as there wouldContinue reading “Topic 3 UTOPIAN DISCOURSE SURROUNDING THE TELEGRAPH”

Week 4: The future of presence bleed?

The concept of presence bleed was interesting to me. Work while not being in the same physical space, even though it will be hard to focus. Maybe there will be some invention that allows us to increase our brainpower so we can multitask? I wonder if one day our brains would be capable of workingContinue reading “Week 4: The future of presence bleed?”

Week 2: samples of journal records (technology)

1860s I was lucky to be born in a period where the telegram exists. Could you imagine what it was like in the past? Delivering messages must have taken ages. They say that the newspaper makes it possible to spread negative messages faster and further than ever before. That is truly unfortunate. However, that alsoContinue reading “Week 2: samples of journal records (technology)”

Week 1: The telegraph in warfare

The telegraph made communication easy. Messages could be sent faster than ever with the cables allowing electricity to pass from state to state. It gave the Union a ridiculous advantage in the Civil War. When the Confederate discussed strategy with their generals all in the same tent, the President at that time, Abraham Lincoln hadContinue reading “Week 1: The telegraph in warfare”