My very first experience with Dungeons and Dragons


I had always wanted to play Dungeons and Dragons(D&D). It seemed interesting. Appearing multiple times in pop culture and some gaming channels I follow. I just thought I could never come across other people who played D&D or even had a remote interest in it. That was until a friend of mine asked me if he wanted to join his D&D sessions.

I have recently completed my first campaign of D&D. Well, a one-shot to be more accurate: a short adventure usually created for one session to help players get familiarized with the game mechanics. A veteran dungeon master(DM) made it to help me get familiar with how the game works. The name of the one-shot was: “Something’s Rotten in Ingland…” Where I played as a goliath fighter, together with an aarakocran monk and a half-elf warlock.

So how I learnt D&D was by my fellow party members and DM teaching me how the game works along the way. The DM also hosted zoom meetings before the actual gameplay to help me create a character and explain the different features of D&D. I also did some personal readings of D&D. And let me tell you this. The lore of D&D is incredibly vast! There are multiple resources online for us to learn. They have their websites and books for players to learn more about how the game works. D&D is incredibly detailed with the stats, abilities, classes, races, monsters, and many more details that can affect our experience. All the minor details affected everything into a culmination of our characters and how our adventure played out.

The frustration with the rolls and how the DM and the players could not see eye-to-eye with what we could or could not do, the multiple times each of our party members died only to come back alive with our death rolls, and the good rolls we finally had after suffering the onslaught of giant rats. All the blood, sweat, and tears we excreted with the demanding task of rolling dice made the whole experience worthwhile.

Dungeons and Dragons is a fantasy tabletop role-playing game introduced back in 1974. Gary Gygax and Dave Arneson were the designers. Its current publisher is Wizards of the Coast. – This site is a must for all D&D players. You can access your character sheet and campaigns, as well as read about the lore and happenings of the Dungeons and Dragons world.


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