Digital Artefact: Virtual reality (final)

Responding to feedback: I received some comments on my blogs which were open to the public. They were interested in the tech mind-control system of Virtual Reality(VR). I was also given more resources to read about from my classmates. Virtual reality could be a microscope for the mind, and an electronic tool for expanding humanContinue reading “Digital Artefact: Virtual reality (final)”

BCM 325 Blog post 1

Ali: Ali’s digital artefact was about artificial intelligence in education. He talked about how AI could be used to aid the learning process of students as well as helping teachers save the time they would use to mark grades and allow teachers to spend more time focusing more on how the students were doingContinue reading “BCM 325 Blog post 1”

Week 4: The future of presence bleed?

The concept of presence bleed was interesting to me. Work while not being in the same physical space, even though it will be hard to focus. Maybe there will be some invention that allows us to increase our brainpower so we can multitask? I wonder if one day our brains would be capable of workingContinue reading “Week 4: The future of presence bleed?”