First time DMing a Dungeons and Dragons game

I finally got to DMing a session, two to be precise. And it is more fun than I previously thought it would be. I still have a lot of things to learn and made a couple of mistakes (which hopefully my players didn’t notice!) But it was fun overall. Hearing the players enjoying them and looking forward to the sessions motivates me to improve. My only hope now is that I do not become a forever DM 🥲

So, how did I get here? I got really into the whole game mechanics. I have created a lot of characters while experimenting with different classes and their subclasses(70 while I am writing this). I have ingested multiple D&D videos on YouTube. It is one giant rabbit hole.

I was playing D&D with a friend who introduced me to the game, and we left the campaign we were playing in because we were not enjoying it. My friend offered DMing for me and some other friends we convinced to join us. My friend’s campaign was one where we were treasure hunters. Our party was looking for El Dorado in a jungle setting. His sessions were fun, although we still had difficulties getting the whole party every session or even having one session every week.

As I was very vocal with my interest in D&D, my DM friend asked me if I wanted to DM a game. I liked being a player character, so I said I would only if he wanted to play as a player character. One thing led to another, and we were having difficulties conducting a single session. A player in our party became busy, and we could not continue forward without including him because of plot reasons.

And due to my intense urge to roleplay and put myself in a fantasy environment, I offered to DM. I had some ideas about what kind of adventure I would like to create. I thought a rowdy group like the one I played D&D with would enjoy being pirates, so I decided to make a nautical adventure.

The first session was stressful. I hadn’t planned to DM at all, so doing it at the spot was nerve-wracking. I had a bunch of tools in my browser bookmarks to help. And the more time I spent behind the DM screen, the more comfortable I got being a dungeon master to the party.

Currently, I am facing problems with what kind of stories I want to create. I started the campaign with a prison break, where the crew escaped from palace grounds after being captured. They then had some downtime to explore their surroundings. Their actions at the palace will have consequences. When we ended our session, the party members were about to leave the naval city.

And here is where I face my next difficulty in what kinds of things I want to introduce to the party. I am just revolving my story around them. Introducing stuff to them and building things upon what they find interesting. I was thinking of naval combat too, but I have no experience with it. So yeah, I am facing a minor setback which I hope to fix before our next session (wish me luck!)