Why I haven’t seen a Hong Kong film.

The reason I haven’t seen a Hong Kong film in the last month or forever is because they suck!!! All jokes aside, it is because they are irrelevant to me. Aside from the Stephen Chow or Jackie Chan movies shown to us in school. I don’t know about the Hong Kong film scene enough. HongContinue reading “Why I haven’t seen a Hong Kong film.”


People thought the world would be even smaller with future advancements with the telegraph. People in the past thought the fast exchange of information would eradicate dissent for other nations and achieve world peace through its involvement in business and politics. People thought the telegraph would cause the newspaper industry to vanish as there wouldContinue reading “Topic 3 UTOPIAN DISCOURSE SURROUNDING THE TELEGRAPH”

Week 1: The telegraph in warfare

The telegraph made communication easy. Messages could be sent faster than ever with the cables allowing electricity to pass from state to state. It gave the Union a ridiculous advantage in the Civil War. When the Confederate discussed strategy with their generals all in the same tent, the President at that time, Abraham Lincoln hadContinue reading “Week 1: The telegraph in warfare”