Week 11: The internet of things: from networked objects to anticipatory spaces

Blogjects are incredible! Pigeons equipped with specific machinery used to record the level of toxins and pollutants in the air. Us, going to different restaurants in our districts and rating them in OpenRice or on Google. We are getting more connected to the Internet and leaving our footprints along the way. We can travel everywhere and experience what other people have felt before from the reviews and blogs online. Not to mention adding on that experience for people in the future.

Inanimate objects are given souls to help us now. With A.I. home technology has advanced so far. We can ask our home assistant to play music for us, notify us if there was an important event we saved on our calendar, turn the blinds off, notify us if there are people lurking at our doorsteps. Objects feel as if they’re alive. Siri and Google assistant are with us the whole day as our companions, smartwatches help us monitor our heart rate and also acts as a pedometer. In the near future, I believe A.I. will be even more integrated in our life. I can already see this in the advancement of robotics.

But this also brings out questions, how far will our objects know about us? Who will have the information recorded by our objects? On one hand, this makes life more convenient. On the other, we do have to think at what price we will enjoy these benefits.