Week 1: The telegraph in warfare

The telegraph made communication easy. Messages could be sent faster than ever with the cables allowing electricity to pass from state to state. It gave the Union a ridiculous advantage in the Civil War. When the Confederate discussed strategy with their generals all in the same tent, the President at that time, Abraham Lincoln had been camping in his office, reading letters sent through the telegram. From that position, he could get regular updates about the changes in the battlefield and change strategies to fit their needs and counter their enemies. They could be sent back at a blistering pace.

To the civilians, communication also became more convenient. Letters traveled faster without the need to be physical. News arrived earlier and got updated frequently. Just through Morse code and the telegram, technology has made life much simpler and faster. News from the war was quick to fall under the ears of everyone. And loved ones back home could also communicate with the soldiers more regularly as letters could be processed faster.

The Internet is a place where you can get information about politics and the different parties in it. Social media allows you to hear different political views. It is a platform that can help convince other people (or dissuade them) from supporting your political party. People are allowed to be more vocal on their political opinions, memes have the power to sway the tide between political candidates, and other times, they are just funny.

It is also a place where people in high positions like the President of America: Donald J. Trump can interact and vocalize his opinions or thoughts directly to the masses (both in and out of the United States). That does not always go well with people, but it is what it is. Social media also has videos of international summits or conferences to count for history. And drives in further the point: what gets uploaded on the Internet, stays on the Internet.


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Next stop for Giannis

The Milwaukee Bucks have not made it to the NBA finals since 1974 when they won a championship with Kareem Abdul-Jabbar. 

Although they got close in 2019, making it to the Eastern Conference finals where they lost 4-2 in a seven-game series against the Raptors.

It seems like Giannis Antetokounmpo. The reigning MVP will have a lot to contemplate if he still cannot make it to the NBA finals, let alone win it.

Giannis is 25 now. He will be in a period where most NBA players hit their peak soon. And him still being in Milwaukee will only tarnish his legacy when looking at his skill and what he can accomplish in his career.

Frankly, no matter how great the “Greek Freak” is, all NBA greats need to have a great supporting cast to win a ring. Khris Middleton is the second-option for this Milwaukee team. And while he is a great player, I don’t think him and the rest share Giannis’s mentality to win a ring and be great.

It is impressive that this team has ended up with the best season record twice in 2019 (60-22) and 2020 (56-17). However, the thing that matters most is still an NBA championship. With all Giannis has done in the years he has been with the Bucks. Show-casing his greatness, putting the Bucks on the map. I feel like he has done all he can with the organization, and no one will hold anything against him if he decides to leave his current home. The young buck has now grown up.

There have been two teams that come to mind when people talk about which team Giannis should head for: the Miami Heat and the Golden State Warriors. I will talk about why both these teams are good options for Giannis to team up.

Miami Heat:

The Miami Heat are a strong team in the East with a lot of solid role-players like Bam Adebayo and Duncan Robinson as well as their focus on team play. Led by their lone star in Jimmy Butler, who is known for his tough mentality and giving a 100 per cent. Giannis would fit right in with the Heat culture in South Beach. The Heat would also get another star to pair-up with Jimmy Butler and give the rest of the NBA a good run for its money.

The Golden State Warriors:

The Warriors may not come into some people’s minds as they think Giannis will not act like Kevin Durant and go to the best team in the NBA. However, a lot of things have changed since then. The warriors are without vets like Andre Iguodala and Shaun Livingston. Draymond Green is showing signs of decline. The new Warriors team has not truly been tested with all their star players out on the court after Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson’s injury in last year’s playoffs. So this team is relatively weaker than the great 2015-2019 Warriors Dynasty. However, this team still has the splash brothers, the best shooting backcourt of all-time. Even though they may age, their non-reliance on their athleticism allows for longevity and does not greatly affect their game. Not to mention the team’s average age is 25.5, which is a pretty young team to work with.

To conclude:

The best thing about joining the Miami Heat would be following the supposedly “tougher route” and having your legacy hold more meaning. Matching up with like-minded players who share the vision of being the best possible version of yourself and winning.

And the best thing about joining the Warriors would see all-star level spectacles week in and week out in San Francisco. The combination of Stephen Curry and Giannis Antetokounmpo will be awesome to witness. They will undoubtedly be one of the finest duos in NBA history. The gravity of Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson pulling players away from him will allow Giannis to toy with his match-up and score more easily. The Warriors also know what it’s like to win while having fun, they have that champion mentality no other teams possess in the NBA due to them winning back to back and dominating the NBA in the previous decade.

No one knows what the future has in store, but if Giannis picks any of these two teams, you know it will be a good one. “The young buck will have grown.”

Sound of a dying star (ch.2)

When I opened my eyes, I seemed to be transferred to heaven or something similar, because all I could see was rainbow coloured clouds drifting through my feet. And then as I started to get a hold of myself, I felt some pressure being applied on my biceps. I looked up to find the exact green crystal bird that had swooped down on me. Where was it taking me? Maybe to its giant crystal nest to feed its crystal chicks? I did not want to imagine that.

Another thing I noticed about the environment around me was that it did not seem like Earth. Wherever I was, it was a place with purple skies and visible stars shining in the distance. Also, something caught my attention, three of them to be exact. This place had three moons in the sky. When I looked down, I noticed this great expanse of buildings. The unusual thing is that they were not on land, rather they were floating in the ocean of whichever planet I was in. Taking a closer look at the spectacle underneath, it was a bright and noisy place. Genres of music I had never heard before and fragrances I have never come across.

We finally landed on a large landing area resembling a helipad, only it was the size of a football pitch. As soon as we landed, a group of humanoid creatures came to greet me, their skin made of crystals like the bird that had carried me here.

I was suspicious of everything at this point. Waking up to find myself being the only one on Earth, walking down the familiar streets of Manhattan, to find a gigantic crystal bird which somehow managed to bring me to this strange planet while I was unconscious. This had to be a dream. I pinched myself hard, only to reel back at the pain. “Oh, my god!” The entourage of crystal men and women looked at me in confusion: “Is this normal behaviour on your planet?” one of them asked me.

No.. This couldn’t be. This was real.

Sound of a dying star (ch.1)

My name is Edison Ramirez. 39 years old and living by myself. I work as an audio engineer. When I woke up today, there seemed to be something amiss. The streets were quiet and I could not hear the birds singing their usual songs. The cars on the street had come to a standstill. The streets were also void of people.

I put my deathstrider 78X1 on and listen to the latest hits with its booming-bass system. I take a step out on the streets of Manhattan and go for a jog. As I pass by the cars, I notice that there were no one inside them. That was weird, was the whole city playing a prank on me?

I was supposed to do some checks on the sound system of a huge club downtown. But no one would be complaining if I didn’t show up tonight right? After all, I seem to be the only one in this city. That was when I heard it, a beautiful harp-like melody coming from somewhere close. With a sudden burst of speed, I ran as fast as I could directly at the sound. Maybe I wasn’t alone after all. That was when I saw it, soaring past the tall skyscrapers gracefully with its shimmering green feathers that seemed to radiate alongside the sun. It appeared to be a large birdlike creature about the size of a human.

As I continue to stare at its beauty, it notices me. It makes that beautiful sound again, lulling me to sleep and proceeds to swoop down at me. I then realize that it wasn’t as big as a human but two or even three times bigger than a fully grown man. I stand still in fear, unable to move a muscle or perhaps it was a spell cast by the bird.

And then, everything turns black.

Rest In Peace Mamba

I still cannot believe this. I received a call at four in the morning from my friend, telling me that Kobe Bryant had just passed. I asked him if he was pulling a prank, but something in my mind told me that he was not.

Kobe “Jellybean” Bryant, is the greatest basketball player I have ever seen play the sport – mind you that I was born in the late 90s. He was someone that was not especially gifted athletically, but one with spirit so tenacious he would crush his opponents: the mamba mentality. He was the Michael Jordan of our time. And the greatest Laker to ever don the jersey.

The work he put on himself can be heard from the countless stories of people who knew him. I am sure most of you have heard stories about how he would always be the first one in the gym and the last one out. Telling other people that no matter how hard they worked, he was willing to work harder. His drive and love for the game separated himself from the rest.

Not only was he an exceptional, once-in-a-lifetime player. But he was an incredible human being, loved by both Lakers fans and non-Lakers fans alike. He was not just a genius on the court, but also carried himself with this determination he could excel in anything he put his mind into.

He was also a great family man. His love for his wife and daughters, supporting their interests like volleyball and basketball; learning to play instruments for them; becoming his daughter’s dance partner to her prom, and supporting women’s basketball. He was an amazing father. He had this endless curiosity to learn and push himself and the people around him further.

What hurts the most is that Kobe was only 41. He still had half of his life left to live after three years of retirement. His legacy can be felt all over the world, in all sports and the millions of kids and adult alike yelling: “Kobe!” when they shoot something into the trash can.

Kobe was an incredible human being, making people feel strong emotions when he was still alive and now when he is gone from the world. The only thing we can do now is to honour his legacy by remembering him and inheriting his “mamba mentality”, to kill everything and truly push ourselves beyond our limits to be the best we can be. World, Kobe Bryant has signed off for the last time: “Mamba out.”


A life well lived to me is one where you were close with your loved ones.

A life well lived is one where you could say you were a good person in life.

A life well lived is one where you made a difference to other people in a positive way.

A life well lived is one where you came into terms with yourself and loved who you were.

A life well lived is one where you were happy in the end.

A life well lived is one where you accepted other people despite their differences and hardships.

A life well lived is one where you loved with all of your heart.

A life well lived is one where you made time for the people you care.

A life well lived is one where you were loved.

A life well lived is one where you felt.

A life well lived is one in which you mattered.

Hyelin departing from Banana Culture

So…as you’ve all heard, Hyelin (real name: Seo Hye-lin/서혜린) has left Banana Culture Entertainment.

Hyelin announced that she would be heading towards the gag-woman route during the time of resigning contracts with Banana Culture, and posts around two to three times a month on her YouTube channel. She has appeared in some small variety shows, but they were all for comedic purposes instead of promoting herself as an artist.

EXID, the group Hyelin was in hasn’t released any songs in eight months after ME&YOU, which was the last time the members were all in the company. After Hani and Jeonghwa left the Banana Culture, there have been no signs of EXID in the music industry.

Hyelin is an incredible vocalist, and I would have liked there to be a unit formed with the remaining EXID members still in Banana Culture (Hyelin, Solji, LE.) But I wish Hyelin all the best in her future endeavours and that she can continue to bless us with her voice. It would be amazing if the EXID members could get together in the future and promote again as a group. I hope for the best for all the EXID members. Let’s exceed in dreaming together!

Aiming for the bullseye

I don’t really have a target audience in mind. I guess anyone that find my posts interesting is free to follow my blog. This blog is a part of my writing journey, helping me to find my voice in this great ocean of content and creators. Right now I am too lazy to think of something to write, just following the blogging course from blogging university. But if I do write something of my free will, it will probably in the lines of sport and pop culture. As well as some short or long stories. We’ll have to see.

Why Thoughtfroth?

So why did I choose Thoughtfroth as the name for my site? It is because I want my posts to be thought-provoking, as well as the fact that I have always found froth to be intriguing. Ever just catch yourself looking at froth from beer? No? Just me? (I don’t drink alcohol by the way!) I have also decided to keep the tagline: ‘Let it surface.” As in letting ideas surface to the top or something following that line.

I know most people find it hard to name something important to them, for example, names of their children or if they find their username taken on an MMORPG. Hell, I’m in the same boat. But the name ‘Thoughtfroth’ gave me a good feeling. It just ‘clicks’ with me.

Let’s walk the flower path together

Hello beautiful people, and welcome to my blog. Currently, I am taking the blogging course from the blogging university, and this is my attempt on the first task.

So, first and foremost. My name is Richard, nice to meet you lovely people. And the reason I am starting to blog is that I want to give myself some purpose in life. As well as people telling me that blogging is a prerequisite for all writers in this current day and age.

Like I have written in my previous blog, I will be writing about anything and everything I feel like writing. I am trying to make blogging a habit of mine. And I am trying to start the new decade off with self-growth. Hopefully, this will prove to be the start of a chain reaction that pushes me into becoming someone I can look back years from now, lying on my deathbed with no regrets.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read one of my very first blogs. It may not be up to the standards of blogging elites such as you guys, but I am willing to learn and improve every single post. ❤