My views on masculinity

I first followed the channels relating to masculinity because they were helpful to me. They taught me how to have a better attitude with life. The importance of perseverance and working hard. How to appreciate the people around me and myself. Furthermore, it is a place for men to bond, just like with sports. UsuallyContinue reading “My views on masculinity”

Presentation- Research Project Pitch

My media niche is something that’s not talked about often because it is for the most part an ignored community or one that is considered “privileged enough not to care about”. But I am confident there are countless men on the internet who think about their masculinity and how they can become a better man.Continue reading “Presentation- Research Project Pitch”

Blog 4: Academic research & Ethical Issues

The term: “toxic masculinity” has become popular in recent years, linking violence and sexism with men. It has become prevalent in these times we live in right now where everyone is a special snowflake and trying to be “woke”. Instead of pooling the opinions of everyone for the discussion and trying to understand why peopleContinue reading “Blog 4: Academic research & Ethical Issues”

Blog 3: Planning your approach

I believe the debate between toxic masculinity to be crucial in helping understand this niche. Toxic-masculinity links topics such as violence; sexism; substance abuse and promiscuity, to men. Who I am targeting are the younger generation. What we get exposed to can influence us, especially as we are still finding our place in the world,Continue reading “Blog 3: Planning your approach”

Blog 2: What is the field site for researching your media niche?

Continuing from the first blog, I know this might be a hard concept to understand in the first place because people following or taking part in this “niche” don’t have a name for it. It is a place to learn and foster a positive mindset about oneself. The reason for this topic not being broughtContinue reading “Blog 2: What is the field site for researching your media niche?”

Blog 1: What is your media niche?

Recently, I have been diving deep into the theme of masculinity. The Western world has made a lot of progress when it comes to feminism. But hidden between the lines, there seem to be ideas of toxic masculinity sprouting out. Most of us might not be aware of it, but this has been happening moreContinue reading “Blog 1: What is your media niche?”