Interviewing a children’s coach

I have interviewed a children’s coach for assignment 2 of BCM313. He was a close friend of mine so the interview was a mix of formal and informal. Some of the questions I asked were: How is your relationship with your supervisor? I asked this question because I wanted to know how attached to theContinue reading “Interviewing a children’s coach”

Learning Assessment Task 1 #4

Isabelle Since Isabelle was talking about a game that meant much to her while she was growing up, I quoted Bell’s article about nostalgia in games. About how gamers want to try and recreate that feeling they felt growing up and how companies try to use nostalgia to sell their products. I also mentioned theContinue reading “Learning Assessment Task 1 #4”

Virtual reality gaming (DA part 2)

I have previously posted a blog about VR gaming. Talking about what sparked my interest with VR, its locomotion and which ones I prefer, I even introduced an interesting tech (mind-control!) and its different possibilities in future games. Finally, I talked about how haptic technology could improve our immersion when playing VR games. I willContinue reading “Virtual reality gaming (DA part 2)”

Digital Artefact Beta (The Economy of Twin Saga) #3

Twin Saga is an anime MMORPG published by Aeria Games and X-Legend Entertainment. The English version was introduced to the world back in 2016. Since Aeria Games has a lot of games in its library, the currency we can buy using real money is called Aeria points (AP in short). With AP, we can buyContinue reading “Digital Artefact Beta (The Economy of Twin Saga) #3”

Introducing VR technology (DA part 1)

I was firstly introduced to the concept of VR gaming while I was playing an MMORPG back in the summer of 2012. Someone spoke about a newly released anime called Sword Art Online where it had an interesting concept of being stuck in a VR game. I decided to check it out, and ever sinceContinue reading “Introducing VR technology (DA part 1)”

Learning Assessment Task 1 #2

Tommy: I identified with Tommy right away! Minecraft is a game that means a lot to our generation as it was one of the first instances where we could play with friends online in a Skype chat. Minecraft was also popular around the time gaming channels on YouTube blew up. All the Let’s plays youContinue reading “Learning Assessment Task 1 #2”

BCM 325 Blog post 1

Ali: Ali’s digital artefact was about artificial intelligence in education. He talked about how AI could be used to aid the learning process of students as well as helping teachers save the time they would use to mark grades and allow teachers to spend more time focusing more on how the students were doingContinue reading “BCM 325 Blog post 1”

BCM 325 Blog Post 2

Metropolis: Here, I found an interesting fact. I didn’t know the currency in East Germany was called Reichsmarks. A crazy fact about Metropolis was that it took one year and 5 months to film JUST THE SHOOTING. That is crazy! The world of Metropolis really resembles New York. The reason for that being, the directorContinue reading “BCM 325 Blog Post 2”

P2W economy in MMOs #1

For anyone who has played MMOs(Massively multiplayer online games) before, you probably fall into one of two categories: the PvP(player vs player) lovers and the ones who dislike and avoid PvP altogether. In some cases, PvP becomes essential as it becomes the only way to get stronger since they become the source to the game’sContinue reading “P2W economy in MMOs #1”

Assessment 1 – Blog Post : Narrative Reflection

The coronavirus affected us all. Those whose life spiraled down in a big way felt this impact the most. I was here working my kitchen job full-time, contributing to my family with studies pushed aside somewhere in my mind. I was eventually planning on returning but I just didn’t know when I would. Things wereContinue reading “Assessment 1 – Blog Post : Narrative Reflection”