Corporate Greenwashing (Digital Artefact pitch)

I will write a series of blogs to educate young people like me who care deeply about the environment. There is a lot of greenwashing going around and young people who care about the environment are the most vulnerable to being greenwashed by the large companies. Some possible blogs in the future: How much doesContinue reading “Corporate Greenwashing (Digital Artefact pitch)”

BCM 215 Contextual report

I found Amy Jo Kim’s book: “Community Building on the Web: Secret Strategies for Online Communities” to be most helpful in describing my thoughts. I shared the same thinking with Kim and I could quote her when writing my digital artefact. Week 8’s reading: “Of Mods and Modders: Chasing Down the Value of Fan-Based DigitalContinue reading “BCM 215 Contextual report”

Contextual Essay (BCM 325 Final DA)

The concept for this Digital Artefact(DA) was to get the feedback of other bloggers and my fellow students from my blogs that are available on my blog site. I post them on Twitter whenever I write something so people from Twitter can also have a look. So the way I did my artefact was first,Continue reading “Contextual Essay (BCM 325 Final DA)”

Digital Artefact: Virtual reality (final)

Responding to feedback: I received some comments on my blogs which were open to the public. They were interested in the tech mind-control system of Virtual Reality(VR). I was also given more resources to read about from my classmates. Virtual reality could be a microscope for the mind, and an electronic tool for expanding humanContinue reading “Digital Artefact: Virtual reality (final)”