BCM 300 Blog Post 2

Our game is Race Against Time (RAT). What I did for our project is write the whole game mechanics. I asked our group for some ideas in our WhatsApp group and designed the game after I suggested classical Role-playing game(RPG) themes like the different monsters. Katrina suggested moving up and down the board using theContinue reading “BCM 300 Blog Post 2”

Race Against Time (RAT) rules and introduction

Group members:  Katrina, Richard, Chaman, Ali Game Title: “Race Against Time” or RAT in short Age rating: 12+ Game Description:  4-6 players Dice-rolling(1d6), card, turn-based, role playing encouraged! Aim: You are a part of a faction of monsters competing against other races of monsters. Build your army and get to the amulet of doom beforeContinue reading “Race Against Time (RAT) rules and introduction”

Answering questions about my BCM 302 pitch

What is corporate? First of all, I would like to define what is “corporate”. When I say “corporate”, I mean a company or companies large enough to affect our lives. Some of them include Apple, Google, Microsoft, Facebook, and Amazon. Their products or services at least 40% of the world population uses. I had aContinue reading “Answering questions about my BCM 302 pitch”

BCM 302 Peer Review 1

Marcella: I liked how Marcella changed her group’s trajectory from their first draft. Having a clear target audience and content will help her proceed and improve her group’s project. It is good that Marcella and her group will adjust her scope to stand out from all the other content creators talking about removing stress. AfterContinue reading “BCM 302 Peer Review 1”

covid vaccination, yay or nay?

I am about to get my 2nd dose of vaccination for the coronavirus in the coming week. I was a bit sceptical at first. With the sociopolitical environment of Hong Kong and the population’s mistrust of the government. I also had doubts regarding the vaccines and about all the conspiracies I have heard about theContinue reading “covid vaccination, yay or nay?”

My very first experience with Dungeons and Dragons

I had always wanted to play Dungeons and Dragons(D&D). It seemed interesting. Appearing multiple times in pop culture and some gaming channels I follow. I just thought I could never come across other people who played D&D or even had a remote interest in it. That was until a friend of mine asked me ifContinue reading “My very first experience with Dungeons and Dragons”

Corporate Greenwashing (Digital Artefact pitch)

I will write a series of blogs to educate young people like me who care deeply about the environment. There is a lot of greenwashing going around and young people who care about the environment are the most vulnerable to being greenwashed by the large companies. Some possible blogs in the future: How much doesContinue reading “Corporate Greenwashing (Digital Artefact pitch)”

BCM 215 Contextual report

I found Amy Jo Kim’s book: “Community Building on the Web: Secret Strategies for Online Communities” to be most helpful in describing my thoughts. I shared the same thinking with Kim and I could quote her when writing my digital artefact. Week 8’s reading: “Of Mods and Modders: Chasing Down the Value of Fan-Based DigitalContinue reading “BCM 215 Contextual report”