BCM 302 Peer review 2

Amanda: https://amanda383323234.wordpress.com/2021/06/26/bcm302-beta/

Amanda’s digital artefact is a YouTube channel to learn about how to take better care of cats. Looking at her pitch presentation, there were a lot of grammatical mistakes. To the point that it was hard to understand.

Instead of: 

“Cat is the one of the adorable pets for people who like to keep in the family. Most cats’ owners knew that how to feed up their kitties well. For example to purchase great odorless Cat litter, and not only afford cats food and canned food but also fresh meat to make their fur smooth.

So, are they the perfect pet owners? How to understand a cat’s mood? What do they still do not know about cats even after living with cats for so many years?

Thus, my persona is those owners who own cats and feed up their cats very well but unprofessional understanding of cats’ some of knowledge. I will run my channel through “Behaviors, health, education and unknown knowledge.” Helping them more understand their lovely cats and to become an excellent cat slave.”

It should be something like: 

“Cats are one of the more adorable pets people like to keep. Most cat owners know how to feed their cats. And other tips such as purchasing odorless cat litter, feeding them fresh meat instead of regular canned feed in order to make their fur smoother. Are cat owners perfect? How does one understand the mood of a cat? What are some things cat owners do not know about their cats even after living together for years?

The persona of my target audience are: cat owners who are responsible in feeding their cats in a timely fashion. However, they may not have the right knowledge to take care of the cats properly regarding their diet, nutrition, and health.

Here is where my YouTube channel comes in the picture. My YouTube channel will focus on the behaviours, health, education, and some secret know-hows of how cats work. Helping cat owners understand and serve their furry little masters.”

I like the short cat video at the start of Amanda’s presentation as it is eye-catching. It was also good of Amanda to show the current situation of households with cats in Hong Kong. This makes it easier for viewers to understand the background of Amanda’s topic. Her presentation has minor problems in her wording.

Amanda shows her methodology clearly, mentioning YouTube as the platform she will be using. As well as introducing four main topics her channel will focus on. Amanda mentions that she would be posting on her YouTube channel and await comments to get a feedback loop. She also said she would ask veterinarians if necessary. But I do not know how she can have access to them. Does she know them personally? Is there a channel she can use to communicate with them?

I liked how Amanda looks at cat owners in a self-deprecating view as that is how cat owners usually think of themselves. This sets a familiar tone for other cat owners and helps them relate with Amanda’s YouTube channel. Good job.

Amanda mentions getting inspiration from cat videos on YouTube videos and comments but I do not know how she got inspiration for her upcoming content. Maybe explaining a little bit more of that would be better. For example, the title of her next video and how she got its inspiration.

I checked out Amanda’s YouTube channel(Miu Miu 課室) and I think it looks promising. Her logo and her videos look professional. I also like her video intro as well as the cat filter she uses in her videos. It is really fitting.

What I noticed from her YouTube channel is that her videos are mostly two minutes long. Since they are short, I would recommend her try out the story system of YouTube to attract new subscribers by posting short highlights of her videos there. There is also a whole community feature so she could try and attract people by posting some stuff there about her upcoming schedule and plans for the channels, or creating polls for people to participate in. This will also help Amanda gauge what kinds of content her subscribers are looking for.

If she does not have a lot of content yet, she could limit her videos to one video a week instead of her proposed two videos a week to keep a consistent schedule which will be easier for her subscribers to follow. But it is all up to her and how much content she has. Right now Amanda’s content looks good, the only thing left is to get people to notice her channel.

Tommy: https://jockercs.wordpress.com/2021/06/27/bcm302-da-beta/

At first I was confused with Tommy’s new project until I realised he wanted to help his target audience “renovate” their homes instead of “relocate”. It is a simple mix up but one that must be addressed quickly to clear up things.

I learned from his beta that the persona of his target audience is that of people who have no experience renovating and are looking to renovate their homes. I thought the idea of using a video game to help people learn about renovating was a novel one.

I want to know whether Tommy wants to give suggestions to people asking for his advice or mainly just to teach people the basics of home renovation. One way would be by having people send him pictures/videos of their homes and ask Tommy what can be done to improve. I think the method suggested by Tommy is to teach people the basics of remodelling a home, but maybe people are just looking to redecorate and move their furniture around. Would it be better to recreate their homes in House Flipper and give them direct suggestions? Because that would be the most direct way to help as everything would be similar. Although creating a model of the customers’ homes would create a heavier workload, it could lead to a profitable business opportunity in the future.

Tommy’s current idea of releasing videos about him remodelling homes could also work. If he is mainly focusing on the Hong Kong market, it may be better to focus on the smaller apartments in the game to recreate similar living spaces.

I think Tommy’s idea of integrating a video game in an educational way is really innovative as he can blend work and play together. I think he has to have a clear production schedule if he wants this to go through. I think it would be reasonable if Tommy uploads a video of a remodel in House Flipper every two weeks on his YouTube channel to balance out the time he spends on House Flipper and his other schedules.

And as he is focusing on YouTube, it would be good if he focused on the tools provided by YouTube to promote himself. YouTube has a lot of community features like posts, stories, and polls to engage a niche audience into his channel. Maybe they will find him looking to learn how to renovate, or maybe the persona of his audience will shift. I cannot wait for his first video upload. It would also be good if he linked his YouTube channel!

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