BCM 302 Project Beta (revision)

I chose to make a song based on my lecturer’s feedback as he thought my original plan of a blog series was not special. It was my first time creating a song and I found it very difficult. I had to research the digital audio workstations(DAW) and learn how to use them individually to figure out which was the simplest for me to understand. They all had different features and I ran into some trouble with not being able to open my work because I was using a free software. So I had to scrape my work and redo it in another software where I could save and open my work. I also ran into some trouble not being able to export my video file directly from my DAW and had to use a secondary video editor, which I also had no experience in. However, Google was reliable by teaching me the basics of how to use the softwares.

Since I was making a song, I had to pick my lyrics concisely and filled with the information needed for viewers to understand what I wanted them to hear. I also had to create my melody to fit with my lyrics. I have no experience playing instruments, as well as zero musical knowledge so that was really fun. At first I considered making an acoustic song, but the information I found on the internet was that DAWs were commonly used by music producers and as I watched their videos, I leaned in towards their type of music which were modern hip-hop/trap. It also aligned with my goal of connecting with a younger audience as they listen to the same/similar genres.

Do not expect the quality of the more popular artists, I am just an amateur who did not have any experience with this work. However, I gained some new knowledge about music and video production which was fun. Please enjoy the video and be wary of some cringiness. 🙂


Studio, F.L. (n.d.). The DAW Every Music Producer Loves. [online] FL Studio. Available at: https://www.image-line.com/.

http://www.youtube.com. (n.d.). Corporate Greenwashing (BCM 302 Project Beta). [online] Available at: https://youtu.be/80CYfc_9ITE

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