Race Against Time (RAT) rules and introduction

Group members:  Katrina, Richard, Chaman, Ali

Game Title: “Race Against Time” or RAT in short

Age rating: 12+

Game Description: 

  • 4-6 players
  • Dice-rolling(1d6), card, turn-based, role playing encouraged!

Aim: You are a part of a faction of monsters competing against other races of monsters. Build your army and get to the amulet of doom before the other factions to become the supreme overlords of evil! Reach the end to fight against the forces of good. If you lose, the forces of good will eliminate evil forever. Don’t let that happen, my children!


  1. Each player chooses from a different evil race: orcs, goblins, trolls, kobolds, gnolls, lizardfolk, the undead…or whatever you can come up with using your imagination! 
  1. Each players has to roll a die to determine the order of the turns: higher rolls start first, players with same rolls need to roll again to see who starts before another (if both players roll a four and are competing for the second turn, the player who loses the roll to decide will be moved to the third turn)
  1. If a player rolls an EVEN number, they get to move up the board by the number they rolled while picking up a card. On the other hand, drawing an ODD number means a player has to move back said amount of numbers without drawing a card. You cannot go further back than the starting point. 
  1. A player’s army consists of minions, generals and the overlord(you). You start off with yourself at level 1 and will try to recruit minions and captains to strengthen your army. You can upgrade each of them to level 3. (lowest being you by yourself 3*x1, highest being unlocking everything to level 3) Minions(1*x3)+Generals(2*x3)+Overlord(3*x3)=18. Player character’s level cannot fall below level 1*
Minion Level 1 (1 power)General Level 1 (2 power)Overlord Level 1 – Player* (3 power)
Minion Level 2 (2 power)General Level 2 (4 power)Overlord Level 2 (6 power)
Minion Level 3 (3 power)General Level 3 (6 power)Overlord Level 3 (9 power)
  1. Sixty steps are needed to reach the amulet of doom. If you do not choose to end the game after reaching the end, you have to move back the amount you rolled over reaching the end.
  1. The player who reaches the end can choose to end the game when they reach the end. But must roll three dice to see if they can defend against the force of good(rolled outcome decides the battle rating of the forces of good). They can also choose to not end the game until they unlock all levels, but must risk moving backwards and being attacked by other players.
  1. The game also ends if more than one player reaches the end, and the two players have to battle to decide the overlord(compare levels). If both their battle ratings are the same, the player who arrived at the end first will become the supreme overlord. (You still have to battle the forces of good to decide the outcome of the game!)
  1. If the supreme overlord of evil fails to beat the battle rating of the forces of good, it is game over and all players would have lost.

Cards: Most common to least common

  1. Minion card: Summon minions, attack minions of other factions(can choose to attack minions of any factions depending on your choice as long as they have minions) Fifty in each deck before reshuffle
  1. Shield/Barrier card: Create shield to protect a certain force of your army(shield must be broken by an attack) Forty in each deck before reshuffle
  1. General card: Summon general, attack a general of another faction(can choose to attack a general of any factions depending on your choice as long as they have generals) Thirty-two in each deck before reshuffle
  1. Overlord card: Absorb dark energy and become stronger (gain a level for your own character!), hex an opposing player(attacks a level of another player if higher than 1) Sixteen in each deck before reshuffle
  1. Good vs. Evil card: Encounter with the force of good (minus one level in each of your forces) Eight in each deck before reshuffle
  1. Terrible omen card: Natural disaster befalls the whole field (minus two levels in a troop of your own choosing – if you do not have two levels in any of your forces this round, you have to skip growth cards for the next two turns). This card affects all players. Four in each deck before reshuffle
  1. Boon from the devil himself: You get the choice to either shield your whole army(shields must be broken individually), gain one level for all of your army, or attack all forces of another player by one level. There is only one boon of the devil in each deck until the cards are reshuffled!

If you draw a card you can’t use, your action will be skipped after moving along the board.

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