Answering questions about my BCM 302 pitch

What is corporate?

First of all, I would like to define what is “corporate”. When I say “corporate”, I mean a company or companies large enough to affect our lives. Some of them include Apple, Google, Microsoft, Facebook, and Amazon. Their products or services at least 40% of the world population uses. I had a question about whether bicycle manufacturers are considered “corporate”. And while they may be successful in their field, they provide their products for a very niche market. Meanwhile, the corporate I am referring to is recognized by all or at least most of the human population.

How riding a bike can combat vehicular emissions?

Extremely simple. Riding a bicycle does not require the ride to emit vehicular fumes, which private cars emit. Research by Roy, Miah, and Zafar has shown that riding cycles could reduce carbon emission by 53%, even if only 40% of car owners suddenly shifted to riding bicycles instead. I understand that cycling long distances may not be feasible for all people. However, we can always rely on public transport. Which also does less harm to the environment compared to private vehicles.

Are oil and car enterprises putting pressure on the world’s governments to keep using private cars? Answering the Chicken or Egg question.

The egg came first from species that weren’t yet chicken. Anyway, it does not change that most governments do not attempt to build efficient enough public transport because the costs are too high to break even. Even if a country or city’s economy increases due to the mobilization of its citizens, the profits margin is difficult to see on paper. So many countries cannot be bothered to do so. Private vehicles also become a symbol of status for people or even their culture and way of life. So it becomes difficult to gauge this fully. I will be posting more blogs to talk about this stuff more comprehensively per my original plan. I just had to answer some enquiries on this topic for my course because I could not move on otherwise.

What does it mean when I say “same as me?” – to the lecturer and students

I think I mentioned the person of my target audience in my previous pitch:

  1. Those who care for the environment – learn more about this topic through my blogs.
  2. People who are into activism. Particularly the younger generations. They can be seen on social media advocating for their beliefs/social-political issues and encouraging others to participate. The reason I used: “same as me?” To avoid putting people into groups and dehumanizing them – to avoid treating them merely as products. I was following what the video resources provided to us taught me.

Why people do not know how much does beef affects the environment? And how I know that?

Like I said in my pitch. I will be going across these questions after going through various research materials online. I am merely allowing myself to investigate this suggestion because it does sound intriguing to me. In my pitch, I stated that I wanted to look at these questions, and I will. 

  1. To figure out how much beef affected climate change
  2. How does it compare to other carbon emissions?
  3. And depending on what I find. I can decide whether to investigate: 

A. What people are trying to cover up by making us eat less meat/benefits of cattle

B. The other alternatives to farming cattle and the future of meat

But I have learnt that maybe I should not be revealing all my cards early. Oh well ;(

What should the readers do after reading my blogs?

I am not preaching that I am all-knowing and everyone should do whatever I say. I am just like you, trying to figure out what is going on with the world. This project is also a journey to help me to learn more and not just copy and pasting stuff I found online. Like most content found on the Internet, this will also be one of those that inform people. They may not have heard about it before. And if they have heard of them, then great! We can raise awareness. There are documentaries and videos online that only educate as well. I do not see that as a problem. Not everything has to invoke action in people because an individual can make their own decisions themselves. Did you learn something new? It is up to you to do whatever you deem necessary.

Other enquiries

  • I am aware of fashion companies and their recycling/donation clothes scams. I am happy to indulge in this topic if it pleases you as it is also a form of greenwashing. I wanted to keep my project simple and easy to follow to avoid overloading my project with too much content. So I did not choose to talk about some issues and only focused on the biggest ones. But if you do feel that strongly about it, I will sate your hunger, maybe? 😉
  • We have to keep in mind that most companies are doing something that harms the environment(agriculture, manufacturing). But we cannot simply say no to everything now, can we? That is why I think it is best to focus on the issues that are on the bigger scale but covered up by the major corporations.
  • My aim is not to talk about everything we can do to protect the environment. But to specifically investigate greenwashing. I chose specific themes so that they can all add up and support my findings in the end. I am looking at the big picture.

Personal goal

I have gotten some likes on my blogs which pleases me. But I am looking for comments. Comments that may be there to encourage my project or disagreements that give me new perspectives. I am open to all that helps me get closer to my goal of learning. Therefore I think the most necessary action is to promote my blogs on similar topics I find in Twitter hashtags and WordPress. If you have any suggestions, please feel free to leave a comment! 😀


Roy, P., Miah, Md.D. and Zafar, Md.T. (2019). Environmental impacts of bicycle production in Bangladesh: a cradle-to-grave life cycle assessment approach. SN Applied Sciences, 1(7).

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