BCM 302 Peer Review 1


I liked how Marcella changed her group’s trajectory from their first draft. Having a clear target audience and content will help her proceed and improve her group’s project. It is good that Marcella and her group will adjust her scope to stand out from all the other content creators talking about removing stress. After Sam’s consultation. Because comparing the two, it seems like her group is on the right path now.

The topic of Marcella’s group is something you can find everywhere. So it may be hard for them to stand out from others. I also think her group could try and differentiate between stress for students before covid and during the pandemic. It seems the same to me. There is also a lot of content online to help people deal with stress and problems caused by it, so I find their idea of listening and giving advice pretty interesting. It is like Agony Aunt.

I also see some problem other people may have about receiving advice from random people online. I feel like it would be good if Marcella’s group can try to relate with their target audience: students. As fellow students/friends. Because imitating professional therapists/consultants without having the right qualifications could be a risky move in some circumstances. And it is better to make it clear from the start that Marcella’s group may not have all the answers because they are at the same/similar level to the ones they are trying to help.

Overall, I like the idea of Marcella’s group and think it is fun and creative. I hope her group is successful in managing their Instagram page.


Right from the get-go, Ali’s pitch is something that we have seen multiple times in the age of covid. So it is hard to catch the attention of people. Similar to Marcella, I ask Ali how what he is doing is different to other content channels. And I want to know why people would want to tune in to Ali’s project. Ali should think about adding or changing something about his project to grab the attention of people. Ali states that he intends to give out tips on how students can cope with stress from academics(University to be more particular). However, these are all things one can easily Google online. I don’t expect people to subscribe or follow people just on their content of releasing stress.

I think Ali should consider how students view their University life to start. Maybe some of them don’t care about it compared to others. Some may be getting by just receiving a certificate at the end of their courses, while others may not care about their grades. A good start would be defining what he means by “a stressful University life”. Does it only mean stress caused by results? What about interpersonal relationships or not having more time on other things like your passions or building yourself? What if University students get stressed by parts of their life other than their studies? Are they all the same? Clearing this up not only help Ali move forwards but also help people understand how Ali is trying to help.

Ali said he would get responses from his blogs on social media. A good way of increasing the chances of getting comments that I recommend to Ali is searching for “University students” with problems online and recommending his blogs to them. Because if he only posts his content, it may just be ignored by people or completed by friends who already know Ali. Ali will already know how the people around him feel about stress as University students, and he will not have learnt anything new to aid his project. So I recommend him to find University students through social media channels like Twitter or Instagram and search for hashtags to locate them. That will force Ali out of his comfort zone and help him get new perspectives.

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