Corporate Greenwashing (Digital Artefact pitch)

my video pitch on YouTube

I will write a series of blogs to educate young people like me who care deeply about the environment. There is a lot of greenwashing going around and young people who care about the environment are the most vulnerable to being greenwashed by the large companies.

Some possible blogs in the future:

  • How much does beef actually affect the environment?
  • Are oil and car enterprises putting pressure on the world’s governments to keep using private cars?
  • Why don’t governments focus on investing in their public transportation when they have the means to?
  • Why cycling could be the answer to fight vehicular emission

All of this will be posted on Twitter as well so I can get participation in my blogs so both me and the people who interact with my blogs can learn more. If you have any ideas about this topic, feel free to provide some feedback!

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