BCM215 Task 3

I acknowledge that there is some real concern with people being monitored and this may be a form of an invasion of privacy. Seeing as how our product relies on voice-control for almost all of its use. However, we will not go through voice logs of our customers unless something extremely serious has happened. For example, aiding the police in a crime scene. Our customers will also be able to check their logs. They will be able to see who went over them, and at what times. We firmly believe in the privacy of each individual and would never exploit it. In this way, we are not being a part of the dreaded “surveillance system”. We do not support such an invasive system, especially in a place that individuals would call their safe haven. A place where people are at their most vulnerable. Supporting and being a part of this surveillance system would be getting one step deeper in a disruptive society, one our brand wants to have no part of.

In this case, the iBed is not a disruptive innovation but a complementary one. We want people to receive the best sleep they can get without manipulating them to get the data we want. A bed is a tool every has, a place where one starts and ends their day. This is why we believe a bed to be an absolute necessity and why we put so much effort on the development of our beds. If we do something to betray the trust of our customers, that would mean we would be going against the principle our company was built on. It is something that is simply unfathomable.

We do believe our product to be something that will cause great social change in innovation and the improvement of living standards. Having a smart bed that can tell us about our sleep patterns such as how many times we wake up mid-sleep, our snoring patterns, how frequently we move around. The iBed will then continue to make recommendations to improve our sleep. All of this data is made possible by the trusty sleep apps that are already available to us on our phones. We worked with experts to help formulate different methods to help us sleep which plays with temperature, lighting, inclination of head to body, music, diet… etc. Even with all of this knowledge, the iBed is a tool that combines all of them into one. The complete sleep experience. Experience the future with iBed!

We open the iBed to be available to all walks of life. To those fortunate and unfortunate. By doing this, we improve the living standards of everyone and help each other reach our full potential everyday. Waking up with a positive energy resonates with us throughout our entire day, this positivity can also spread to other people as we interact with them. If most of the population can have positive thoughts and stay motivated. We would be looking at a productive society that is constantly improving itself. We would also be looking at a surmountable drop criminal and suicide rates. If societies can hold themselves in a position where their lives are fulfilling and they are always looking to better humanity. This would mean wonders for the advancement of humanity. Instead of focusing on hindrances caused by the differences in people, we would actually be focusing on the important things like how we can make the world better and further technological advancements like virtual worlds and space travel.

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