Virtual reality gaming (DA part 2)

I have previously posted a blog about VR gaming. Talking about what sparked my interest with VR, its locomotion and which ones I prefer, I even introduced an interesting tech (mind-control!) and its different possibilities in future games. Finally, I talked about how haptic technology could improve our immersion when playing VR games. I will be using this blog to get comments for my DA by tweeting about it. I am hoping for people outside of this course to comment on it as well because I know there are a lot of people out there like me, hoping for VR gaming to hit the next step! The comments I hope will be informative to me and help me get a newer perspective with VR gaming or just learn more about the topic.

3 thoughts on “Virtual reality gaming (DA part 2)

  1. Hi Richard,
    I really like that your direction is VR games, which is visual enjoyment. Of course, games are one of the good ways for us to experience VR. I think tech mind-control is the part I am interested in as an audience. Although I don’t really play games personally, I hope to learn more through your DA introduction.


  2. Hey Richard!

    It is great to see how you have developed your DA, I remember talking with you about DA and I thought Virtual Reality DA might be difficult as it is an emerging field of gaming but it is more developed than I had previously thought! The research is great and I am looking forward to your final DA.

    Let me know if there is any way I can be of help as this is a topic I am quite interested in! I have attached a few academic resources for you in case you need them for your final DA but I think you are already on the right track!

    Virtual Reality. (2010). The Journal of Epsilon Pi Tau, 18(2), 2-7. Retrieved March 19, 2021, from

    Helsel, S. (1992). Virtual Reality and Education. Educational Technology, 32(5), 38-42. Retrieved March 19, 2021, from


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