Digital Artefact Beta (The Economy of Twin Saga) #3

Twin Saga is an anime MMORPG published by Aeria Games and X-Legend Entertainment. The English version was introduced to the world back in 2016. Since Aeria Games has a lot of games in its library, the currency we can buy using real money is called Aeria points (AP in short). With AP, we can buy exclusive items from the item shop that can give players a huge advantage in-game with the likes of: senshi(a spirit that aids players in battles as well as giving massive buffs), mounts(to move faster in-game), crystals that increases stat, costumes as well as other items. Do keep in mind that all of these bought items can be sold in the game’s auction house to other players for the game’s currency(gold). The maximum cap for gold is 99,999. And the “free” ways of earning gold are by grinding dungeons with mobs that drop a lot of gold, or dungeons which drop rare materials to sell in the auction house to other players.

Another way of earning gold is by events that are frequently hosted by gamemasters through the game’s official forum and discord. These events can both be in-game and off-game. In-game events are hide-and-seek, quizzes, world boss spawns, completing tasks for points.etc and off-game being participating in the forum events like high-scores in mini-games, art design competitions, poem contests, monthly quizzes, screenshot contests.etc… They offer players a chance to get special materials or Astral Crystals (AC). With AC, players can either sell them in-game for gold (1 AC=60-65g), or take part in the astral puzzles. (The rewards of the puzzle refreshes frequently can depend on their drops, a player can get items that give them a lot of boost or items that go at a high price in trades.

The economy of Twin Saga and other MMORPGs engage their players to take part in the in-game economy, not only increasing their motivations to learn about economics, but also showing that online games have the potential to be utilised as a learning tool. (Wi 2005)

There are also trade chats in-game for players. Divided into three communities(English, French and German). We also see this in the discord server as well as gamemasters coming from all three backgrounds to aid players. Although the main language of the game is English, other language communities are also prevalent in this game. It’s just that English is used for trading as most players understand it.

The guild I am in occasionally hosts some events similar to the official events but only for guild members which is smaller in scale but is a form of guild activity and getting closer to one another. This can also be said with official events, you participate in the events and your sense of belonging increases with the game and other players because of the increased interactiveness.


Wi, John-H., Oh, N.-R. and Kim, Y.-E. (2005). The effects of economy education through MMORPG. Journal of Korea Game Society, [online] 5(4), pp.13–22. Available at:

4 thoughts on “Digital Artefact Beta (The Economy of Twin Saga) #3

  1. Your information on the game and the purpose of your DA are very clear but do you think if you add personal experience will make your audience feel more connected to your DA which is an improvement. Your DA is already so clear. I am excited to see the last part of your DA.


  2. I am quite interested in this topic after our group project about the economies of the different games.

    Looking forward to seeing how your experience in this game and understanding helps with your DA as it is different from our group project. We did not have the in-game experience that is needed to understand how the economy works within items and collectibles of the game.


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