Learning Assessment Task 1 #2


I identified with Tommy right away! Minecraft is a game that means a lot to our generation as it was one of the first instances where we could play with friends online in a Skype chat. Minecraft was also popular around the time gaming channels on YouTube blew up. All the Let’s plays you saw, Minecraft was always there, trending number 1 most of the time. Minecraft opens up the possibility of sharing the seeds of our world with others. I introduced Tommy to the Telltale Minecraft series. It’s an official game series created with the collaboration of Mojang(Minecraft’s company) and Telltale (known for the Walking Dead game series). It is an interesting way Minecraft tries to expand its universe and be more attractive to newer audiences. I also like how snapshots of new updates are released for the Minecraft community to try before the official update. Having competition for community banners is also a novel idea. It seems like the Minecraft community will continue to rise.


Jeffery talked about a game I was always interested in but I never played. The Japanese Mafia: Yakuza. I came across a video recently, where a Yakuza member reacts to the gameplay of the game. His reactions were funny and gave me a new perspective of how the members actually go on about their lives. I wanted Jeffery to see it. The interesting thing about the Yakuza franchise is that it is older than Jeffery and me, but it still manages to get our attention. There is just something guys find romantic with gangs and fighting. I also wanted Jeffery to know about all the different games of the Yakuza franchise rather than only the ones that are known to the general gaming audience so I wanted him to check out the evolution of Yakuza games from 1995 to 2020. 25 years and still going strong!


Ibrar talks about the addictive side of pubg. I have unfortunately experienced this from my friends who were terribly addicted to the game. One of the reasons I never really got invested in the game. I talked about how pubg was one of the first of its kind(if not the first). It really blazed a trail for all the similar games that have been released since pubg. Being able to play cross-platform also allowed pubg fans to go full-throttle on the game. I introduced pubg being played by K-pop idols whose fans may have their interest garnered by the game, so a non-gaming field could introduce this game to normal people. Maybe this is another reason pubg had a high proportion of female gamers compared to other shooter games. (42.6 per cent to 7 per cent)


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