The future of VR gaming

There are a multitude of games available in the market. But I want to talk about an idea that may end up becoming the go-to way of experiencing gaming within the next 10 years. Virtual reality (VR) gaming.

Imagine coming home after a long day of work. You take off your shoes, let your feet breathe, and plop down onto your sofa and put on your headset. Then boom! You are in another world flying with dragons and diving down huge waterfalls. VR gaming hasn’t been utilised to its full potential yet as can be seen from consoles still taking precedence in the gaming community. But VR has been making leaps in its development since it has first been introduced to us.

Teslasuit - A Wearable Smart Suit With Applications Beyond Imagination

Looking at VR as a form of escapism, its potential is endless. You are able to immerse yourself completely in a world dealing with magic, monsters, space and the usual gaming stuff. Moreover with the current and future tech being developed, more senses are being implemented into technology. One example is the Haptic suits and gloves to allow players to feel the sense of touch when getting shot or receiving a hug from someone in VRChat. 

Global Digital Scent Technology Market: Industry Size, Status And Forecast  2017 – 2022 - Haptic
Digital device serves up a taste of virtual food

VR gaming introduces a whole new world for multiplayer games and interactions with other people. Gustatory senses and digital scent technology is out there in the market. Maybe in the future, these technologies can be implemented in VR gaming in order to be more immersive.

2019 Omni Directional Treadmill Virtual Reality Equipment Games,Kat Walk Vr  Treadmill Simulator For Sale - Buy Vr Simulator,Vr Treadmill For Sale,Kat  Walk Vr Product on

Currently a lot of its technology is too expensive or too big to be sold for regular consumers. One example is the VR treadmill. Most of their tech is only available for business and commercial use such as VR centers. However in order to truly revolutionise gaming and be closer to something akin to “Ready Player One”. VR technology must be developed to be easily accessible to the normal user like you and me.


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7 thoughts on “The future of VR gaming

  1. Your topic is very interesting and the concept is clear. I have heard of VR games and I know that VR makes us feel like we are in another world. Although I have never experienced VR games, I am also very interested in it. The current VR technology is already very powerful, so I can’t imagine what will happen within the next ten years. Maybe VR devices, headsets will become lighter and there will be more types of games. Hope the website may help you inspire your ideas on the future of VR,
    I’m excited to see your next blogs about the future VR games.

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  2. I believe that VR games will be on its fullest potential by 2025. We will be able to play wherever we want and whenever we want with inside-out tracking as there will be cameras everywhere. This will give us an ability to scan ourselves, objects and others into the virtual world. Wireless and smaller headset with higher fields of view. Full VR worlds would bypass the optic nerve and potentially implant signals directly to our brain that processes input from our senses. The technology will be a level up experience with the new functions. When VR fully developed its potential, it will allow you to control VR or AR applications with your thoughts. The accuracy between virtual input coming in from the implants and real-world input coming through your senses, therefore it would be difficult to distinguish between the real word and the virtual. This change would change the world, it would affect every human’s aspect of lives. The way we interact, and experience technology would change forever.

    Your pitch gave me an opportunity to learn more about VR and AR. What aspect are you going to focus on VR games? Based on your pitch, I believe you want to explore more of the social and behavior changes. I suggest you the following readings since you want to bring awareness to VR

    1. Augmented and Virtual Reality for Behavior Change

    2. The Current State of Virtual Reality on Behavior Change

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  3. Hello Richard,

    I can feel your passion for playing VR games. It is no doubt that the VR market is expanding and one of the trends is changing from 2D multiplayer out of the screen into new multiplayer experiences. You can see, communicate and interact with your friends in the game. You can experience the same impact and explosion with your friends and work as a team to defeat enemies. It would be great to be with friends when playing VR games. Also, you may share your DA with gamers and game makers who are keen for new designs and inventions in the next level of VR games.

    For the research, I saw examples of VR gaming from videos on YouTube and perhaps you may include some as your research resources like this one: (“The Future of VR Games” by The Gadget Show)

    You may also check out this one about how VR is remaining a hot topic for gamers, geeks and funding: (By Mike Seymour)

    I like playing video games but I had no knowledge and experience in playing VR games. I would like to know more about different types of VR games, the evolution and, of course, the future of the VR games.

    Have fun!

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  4. Your topic is very interesting as many people would like to read about your topic because they want to know how the future of games will be. The games on our smartphones, computers or online games have started to become less preferable as people want to experience something new with gaming’s. Therefore, Virtual Reality games are slowing out-dating the games we play today.

    You explained everything very clearly in the video and the rest on the blog on what you’re looking forward to do in your digital artefact. You mentioned about the cost of VR gamming and how normal user like us cant afford VR games. Besides, I recommend you to try to talk about the advantages and disadvantages the VR games might bring when compare to normal games on our smartphones or online. Moreover, you can also talk about the different types of VR gaming that we might see in the future. This will help you strengthen your topic and people will know more about VR games.

    The flow and your layout is also amazing as you used both the text and images to show your Digital Artefact idea.

    I cant wait to see Virtual Reality (VR) gaming becoming a normal trend in our society. I am also looking forward to your Digital Artefact to know more about Virtual Reality gaming.

    I found some articles that might help your Digital artifact research.

    What is virtual reality Gaming?: Types of Vr Games: Lenovo US. (n.d.). Retrieved February 05, 2021, from

    Advantages and disadvantages of virtual games. (n.d.). Retrieved February 05, 2021, from

    Markets, R. (2020, July 22). Global virtual reality in gaming Market (2020 to 2025) – Growth, trends, and forecast. Retrieved February 05, 2021, from


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