BCM 212 assignment 3 reflection

Starting off, having people to respond to my questionnaire was difficult. Even sharing it to the WhatsApp group consisting of all my coursemates only gave me 14 responses in total. It is a small sample size and may not accurately depict the true thoughts of all university students in the world. From doing my research, I have become aware that people generally feel lost no matter the age and what stage of life they are in. Life does not have meaning unless we give it one. And although many of us young adults may feel it was easier in the past, there should be plenty of things we have that are easier compared to the past. One thing I will do differently than what I have done now is to get a bigger amount of respondents. I assumed everyone from this course would be helpful but that was not the case. I will try to give out questionnaires to former classmates or friends as well as posting my questionnaire on twitter to hopefully get some friendly passerbys to help out.

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