Week 9: Anonymous resistance: hackers, lulz and whistle-blowers

We started becoming aware of this phenomena after Edward Snowden revealed the power NSA had. The information they had about people all over the world, how they were able to record people using their own devices. Since then the Panama Papers revealed the offshore dealings of powerful people to avoid taxes. Unfortunately, the journalist: Daphne Caruana Galizia who leaked the papers with approximately 11.5 million documents was assassinated with a bomb planted in her car.

Edward Snowden is also currently an unofficial permanent Russian citizen because he is a wanted man in the US and they also made his passport unusable so he cannot travel elsewhere. Russia has allowed him asylum there and him and his wife are looking to receive permanent US-Russian citizenship. All of this information is available on WikiLeaks.

Hackers and whistleblowers appear to be vigilantes working from the shadows. Fighting to uphold morality and going against injustices. The road ahead of them is dark and full of terrors, however, everything they have done so far and will continue to do in the future is something the rest of humanity should appreciate from the bottom of our hearts. Except for those cold-blooded, conniving reptilians.

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