[A3] Digital Artefact assignment

We started this project because we all shared some level of interest towards the vintage lifestyle.

We first introduced ourselves on Instagram to reach people who may have been curious about vintage fashion or those who embody it.  Our target audience were people from Hong Kong as it is the city we’re from and we would actually be able to go to the physical stores to check them out and introduce it on our page to help them promote themselves as well as to allow our followers to be aware of them and hopefully even check them out. Here you can read about us in both English and Chinese(Traditional).

We posted a how-to-style post on our page which taught users how they could make use of a classic piece like high-waisted jeans to style themselves for the colder weather. And also posted tidbits of information about the vintage lifestyle to educate our followers about vintage fashion about its origins and how it affected the environment.

We regularly post in our stories to get paid in this economy of social media with attention as our currency. These stories consist of us asking if they like what they see from the stores we interacted with and giving them options between two sets of clothing and asking which one they prefer as well as outfit of the day(OOTD). We generally pick clothing that are most similar to the ones who got greater response or rate of hearts to follow this algorithm of giving people what they want. This is also a quick way to introduce vintage store pages to our followers.

Currently, our most important feature is the introduction of stores to the public. So far we have introduced four stores on our page with interviews that people can check out and know more about the stores personally. Why the owners of the stores decided to open their stores and what vintage meant to them. This creates a bond between customers and stores and makes the store more personable. We still keep regular contact with the stores we reached and have more yet to come so look forward to them!

One thing I have learnt during this project is that it is much easier to come in contact and have a solid interaction with stores because they are also like us and are also trying to get paid in this attention economy because it affects their business. It may not be that extreme in our case, but there is a certain pressure we both feel. Getting attention from our followers is much more difficult. We may get likes on our posts but having followers interact with or comment on our posts are rare. Therefore it becomes scarce and pushes us to find other ways to get attention.

Juggling our time between our DA, other assignments, readings and our personal life was a struggle. We had to plan out when we would be free for things we had to work together on like the video and the project beta. And to finalize our individual workings and making sure everything is good to go before we upload it online. Because it would be there for everyone to see and hard to edit if people have already interacted with them.

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