Project Beta: Vintage Core

We created posts to not only create and share content using other stores as inspirations but also introduce vintage fashion to people who may want to get into the scene.

Terms relating to vintage fashion were explained as well as vintage facts to keep our followers engaged. This way we can integrate people who are new to vintage fashion into this community as well.

Another post we created was about fall fashion and the different looks the vintage pieces could help our followers achieve. In this post, we help followers pair different items with a common vintage piece: the high-waisted jeans which were popular in the 70s. Pairing it with an oversized jacket, a blazer, a polo crop top, a pastel button up or a turtleneck would a give you a different look each time which can be really useful for your wardrobe. This post helps our followers build trust with us, with them knowing they can come back to us in the future if they want more tips to style their vintage clothing.

We had a few comments on our posts that showed us that our followers were learning something from our content which was a rewarding experience. It showed us that people were engaging with our digital artefact and being a part of the vintage community.

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