People thought the world would be even smaller with future advancements with the telegraph. People in the past thought the fast exchange of information would eradicate dissent for other nations and achieve world peace through its involvement in business and politics. People thought the telegraph would cause the newspaper industry to vanish as there would be more convenient ways for news to get by.

However, there were also some doubts as to what could get accomplished. The US government rejected Samuel Morse’s bid to sell them the telegraph for $100,000 at that time because they didn’t believe in its future and didn’t think it would generate enough revenue.

I hope there will come a time in the future where everyone gets along no matter their ethnicity, culture, skin colour, religion, beliefs. We have the medium to spread good messages and educate people in every corner of the world in the palm of our hands. We still aren’t able to get along with others.

We have achieved being able to send messages in various forms now. Maybe there will be some alterations and improvements in the future like the tiny holograms you can see in Star Wars. The dream now is still to understand other people and get along with everyone. World Peace is still the ultimate goal, but it seems that there were barriers we never considered before.

A still from Star Wars: The Clone Wars – Blue Shadow Virus (StarWars/Wikia)

Here is a screenshot of the New York Times talking about the telegram in the past:

It talks about how newer forms of media lack substance compared to the older generation, how the older generation is better. I believe this is an endless cycle which will continue with future generations.

However, there may be some truth to this if this argument. In one hand, newer technology makes our lives more convenient and extends the reach of our messages. On the other hand, we over-reliance on technology means we lose touch with other parts of life.

How we look at modern technology is similar to how people viewed technology in the past. I hope we can break the wheel and get closer to achieving world peace.

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