Week 4: The future of presence bleed?

The concept of presence bleed was interesting to me. Work while not being in the same physical space, even though it will be hard to focus. Maybe there will be some invention that allows us to increase our brainpower so we can multitask? I wonder if one day our brains would be capable of working without moving or something that will let us do things through the Internet even when we’re sleeping? However, that could bring up ethical problems of overwork if companies decide to include that in their policies. If these become possible, we could save a lot of our lifetimes and become more productive. That is a longshot and seems impossible. It does feel like we have accomplished most of what humanity can achieve. But the one thing I have learned from history is that you can never count humanity off from inventing something like this.


Sael, R. (2014). sword art online – nerve gear 3D CG render. YouTube. Available at: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K7BFmI5TgQI [Accessed 24 Sep. 2020].

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