Week 3: Cyberpunk in culture: Psycho-Pass

Created from the fascination with technology and the future, we have seen Cyberpunk culture in various forms of entertainment: movies/anime/games/aesthetics. We seem to have some romance towards it. From the high-anticipated game: Cyberpunk 2077. To past animations such as Ghost in the Shell and Akira and movies like Bladerunner and the Matrix. However, this time I will look at an anime called: Psycho-Pass. It was released in 2012 and still holds a special place in my heart. It is about a utopian society where the class and abilities of people become predetermined at birth. Artificial intelligence (A.I.) identifies the strengths and weaknesses of people from birth to their graduation from education. Then after they get out of school/university(depends on how the system allocates their studies) and into the workforce, they won’t be able to pursue their dreams and aspirations but follow their path in life set by the system for the “most optimal performance” to advance society. If you try to break the rules, you will die. That is an interesting take in society looking at the advancements of A.I. We all expect to have a better life in the future, and to some extent, that might be true. But at what cost? Will we push our human instincts away for being some cogs in the wheel?


OddballGentleman, (Aug 2015). Psycho-Pass: The Ethics of an “Ideal” Society | The Artifice. [online] Available at: https://the-artifice.com/psycho-pass-the-ethics-of-an-ideal-society/ [Accessed 16 Sep. 2020].

2 thoughts on “Week 3: Cyberpunk in culture: Psycho-Pass

  1. I love cyberpunk culture! Although it is a more utopian and moody take on the society, it is a wake up call for us as human on this earth, treasure the resources and not let the world became a dystopian slump.

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