Blog 3: Planning your approach

I believe the debate between toxic masculinity to be crucial in helping understand this niche. Toxic-masculinity links topics such as violence; sexism; substance abuse and promiscuity, to men.

Who I am targeting are the younger generation. What we get exposed to can influence us, especially as we are still finding our place in the world, what we see will affect the way we act. From all the negative connotations shown in recent years, I want to show that this topic is not as black and white as it appears in the media. Like how we are empowering women, I want it to be okay to show some love for all the men out there.

Some of the subjects I might talk about could be related to mental health, education, participation in the workforce, the stigma against male caregivers(occupation and household), fatherhood (lack of importance shown, custodial matters), homelessness, incarceration, rate of being victims of violence (murder/crime against), domestic abuse(and lack of support)

Do keep in mind that when I speak about this topic, I acknowledge the difficulties of the opposite sex, I am not bringing up men to push down the progress of women. I am merely stating that both gender issues are important, and we have to give a similar amount of importance to them. After all, men hold the other half of the sky.

I am planning to get my information from online journals, blog posts, census from different countries, websites promoting men’s health, media outlets and online forums. I may hand out online questionnaires or create polls if the situation calls for it.

Right now, I will read or watch one to five related sources of information a day. And in a week, that will add up to seven to thirty-five sources of information. I may cut out recurring or irrelevant information in the process. I think that will be enough to get a small, concentrated amount of data relating to my topic. Finally, I will take into account my previous blogs and the guidelines for this assignment to finish and retouch in the end.

Thanks for reading this week’s blog. I hope you get a sense of direction to where I am heading with this assignment! 😀


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