Week 2: samples of journal records (technology)


I was lucky to be born in a period where the telegram exists. Could you imagine what it was like in the past? Delivering messages must have taken ages. They say that the newspaper makes it possible to spread negative messages faster and further than ever before. That is truly unfortunate. However, that also means messages that inspire and strengthen people can reach the hearts of people in every corner of the world.


Looking out of my Manhattan apartment, I see these ugly cables spread out along these steel beams like a cobweb. They do allow us to communicate with other people with telephones now, so I cannot complain.


We are living in the best period of humanity! Radio is god’s gift to Earth, not only am I able to hear stuff going around America, but also places like Europe and Asia. Who would have thought sounds could relay information to thousands of households around the world all at once? This feat is incredible! I have been hearing news about people inventing something like an imaging device to replace the radio. Ha! The radio is one thing, but I am not sure how images would be able to replace sound, how could you understand without hearing?


Those buggers did it. There will be an endless amount of entertainment in the future, with a vast catalogue to choose. I am afraid of how far technology has come. At first, it was a means to make our lives easier. Then it evolved to become a source of entertainment for people, shaping the way we think. Only now am I realizing how powerful and dangerous technology can be. I had never thought technology would be so influential in turning the tides of war and controlling the people.


I am near the end of my life, and yet it seems like technology is just now starting. It is terrifying how nations can wield this weapon that seems so harmless to everyone. I now believe humanity will get so dependent on technology to a point they cannot comprehend. It will outlast lifetimes and yet keep moving forward alongside humanity. I am both in awe and scared shitless at the same time. I am afraid.


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