Blog 2: What is the field site for researching your media niche?

Continuing from the first blog, I know this might be a hard concept to understand in the first place because people following or taking part in this “niche” don’t have a name for it. It is a place to learn and foster a positive mindset about oneself. The reason for this topic not being brought up often is due to men being in a so-called “privileged” position according to modern society.

However, they do not take into account that both men and women have different privileges because men and women are different. Just like how different cultures have similar patterns in their family dynamic even if they have never been in contact with other cultures. Yes, men have certain privileges that women don’t have, but that goes both ways.

Another reason for this can be because men learn to accept hardships from a young age. The media shows us that masculinity is toxic. And by accepting that, we can hopefully repent for our sins and appear in a better light.

The main space I get information about this topic is through YouTube. The content creators there post content targeted towards men regularly. And the YouTube algorithm helps find like-minded channels, thus being my choice of medium for this content.

Interaction is allowed through the comment section and polls generated by the YouTubers. Some content, however, is not posted on YouTube because YouTube deems them inappropriate. Those videos would get demonetized if posted on YouTube, so the uploaders post them on their Patreon site instead. Over there, you can support the content creators by subscribing to their account.

The personas of those content creators are usually that of a friend, brother or even a father teaching you to walk in your shoes and giving you life advice. Recently, a channel called “Dad, how do I?” blew up. He posts videos ranging from practical dadvice to storytelling (if you’re into that).

Rob Kenney, the creator of the channel, was abandoned by his father at a young age. So he created this channel for all the people in his shoes. To people who grew up in fatherless homes, whether they got abandoned or their fathers had passed. This phenomenon of his channel getting so many subscribers in such a short amount of time shows how important it is for fathers to be a part of their children’s life growing up as it can help shape them as an individual with strong values.

I hope you have learnt a little bit more about my media niche. Thanks for tuning in and hope you enjoyed reading! ;D


Harbin, Jessie. “588 || Dad, How Do I … ?” Shattered Magazine, 29 Apr. 2020,

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