Blog 1: What is your media niche?

Recently, I have been diving deep into the theme of masculinity. The Western world has made a lot of progress when it comes to feminism. But hidden between the lines, there seem to be ideas of toxic masculinity sprouting out. Most of us might not be aware of it, but this has been happening more frequently since the late 2010s. You might have seen the infamous Gillette commercial.

Not to mention the false accusations of rape, which caused men to serve unnecessary prison time or even killed. We have come so far as civilized human beings, but when it comes time for judgement on these issues, more often than not, we look for the stick instead of the carrot when dealing with men. The white knight inside of people shows itself and takes part in virtue signalling.

There are numerous YouTube channels online directed towards men. I will gloss over the ones that are not relevant to my interests like the RedPill or MGTOW communities whom I believe is passing on the negativity to women. I am just interested in the ones that are mostly about self-improvement. These can come through YouTube channels or podcasts by different people. These sources could talk about the life experiences of people, advice for difficulties in the stages of life, motivation and even simple tips or how-to for men. I don’t have one specific channel or podcast I watch/listen, but many of them.

Among my subscribed channels regarding this topic, the least subscribed has 500k subscribers and posts videos that talks about his opinions on whatever is trending, and the most subscribed channel has 1.9 million subscribers and is about philosophy. Most of them are similar in topic, about motivation and self-improvement, relationship advice and one about how to differentiate between different leathers. The people I watch/listen to range from college students just ranting about their life and having “bro-talks” with their audience, men aged 30-40 reacting to other people and talking about their life experiences, British dude storytelling with valuable takeaways in the end with classical music playing in the background and a channel dedicated to teaching men different things from learning how to tie a bow-tie to which razor to buy, all sophisticated stuff.

The men I watch all have their individuality. Some more upbeat and outgoing, others more calm and cynical. Most channels I watch post videos to voice their opinions and don’t ask for feedback. We can comment on their videos if we want, but the communication is mostly one-way. The content creators I follow usually don’t respond to anything unless something catches their attention, and they want to correct themselves or explain their viewpoint. The reaction channels I watch ask their viewers to send them something to react on (video/news article/message.etc) as that is their form of content. Others could post polls on YouTube to see what their audiences would prefer to see for the next video.

Recently, a YouTuber I watched: Alexander Grace showed his demographic for his videos. Although he targeted men of all ages above 17 (adult), he found out that most of his viewers ranged from ages 18-34. That could either mean that the problems men deal with effect younger men more or that older men don’t care anymore or don’t know about these media outlets.

Thanks for allocating some time to read my blog! I hope you learned a bit about my media niche. 😉


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