Do testicles have taste buds?

So there is this thing making rounds on social media about how testicles can taste sweetness, and the umami taste of amino acids, so obviously dudes have been dipping their testes in soy sauce to check this out.

The trend started in TikTok, where most of the “cool kids” seem to be heading these days. The user @cryinginthecar was curious about testicles having taste buds after seeing about it on a post from DailyMail. She, therefore, urged the guys to try it out and reply if that was indeed true.

I didn’t have the balls to try it out so instead opted to check out the reactions of other men on YouTube. I couldn’t trust the dudes with the expressive thumbnail, concluding they were only trying to clickbait. So I watched adults reacting to 5 Tiktok trends of the month in January from the FBE YouTube channel.

The video they reacted to was of a dude in his car “smearing his testes” with soy sauce and orgasmically reacting to it as if he had found the cure for AIDS. The reactors excused themselves in the bathroom reluctantly doing the challenge of dipping their testicles in soy sauce and after they sat back down, their answers were a firm no. They could not taste anything with their balls.

It seemed painfully aware to me that people were only trying to get views or likes by pretending like they could taste stuff with their testes or that was just their coping mechanism after questioning their life choices. I can guarantee you a hundred dollars that they would not continue putting foodstuff on their balls.

Ultimately I did some research, finding that humans do have taste receptors all over our body but that does not mean we can actually taste with them. You can get more information from Thank you for reading this and do not dip your genitals in soy sauce!!!

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