Hyelin departing from Banana Culture

So…as you’ve all heard, Hyelin (real name: Seo Hye-lin/서혜린) has left Banana Culture Entertainment.

Hyelin announced that she would be heading towards the gag-woman route during the time of resigning contracts with Banana Culture, and posts around two to three times a month on her YouTube channel. She has appeared in some small variety shows, but they were all for comedic purposes instead of promoting herself as an artist.

EXID, the group Hyelin was in hasn’t released any songs in eight months after ME&YOU, which was the last time the members were all in the company. After Hani and Jeonghwa left the Banana Culture, there have been no signs of EXID in the music industry.

Hyelin is an incredible vocalist, and I would have liked there to be a unit formed with the remaining EXID members still in Banana Culture (Hyelin, Solji, LE.) But I wish Hyelin all the best in her future endeavours and that she can continue to bless us with her voice. It would be amazing if the EXID members could get together in the future and promote again as a group. I hope for the best for all the EXID members. Let’s exceed in dreaming together!

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